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About Us

Global Infinity Data Solutions is one of the leading b2b data management services, list solutions. We provide worldwide data centric solutions to a wide range of b2b companies. Our focus over the years has been on improving the efficiency of marketing campaigns, driving more revenue, and increasing profitability of sales and marketing teams in organizations. Our growth factor has been focus on b2b data management and addressing of data quality issues. We also have the privilege of working with leading corporations and providing unique solutions for every requirement. Apart from major businesses, our clients include a large number of organizations in the small and medium business segment.

Who We Are

Global Infinity Data Solutions was founded in 2010 with only 10 employees. Today, we are one of the global leaders in marketing outsourcing and database marketing, with over 50 employees. Global Infinity Data uses data science to offer a revolutionary solution for obtaining business data, targeting the right prospects, and managing your marketing databases. Offering one of the world’s largest business database that is growing daily and regularly refreshed, Global Infinity Data ensures you can quickly and easily find EXACTLY the information you need to accelerate your sales pipeline. To ensure you have the most up-to-date information, we provide tools to find current contacts in your target organizations and their fully verified email addresses.



To provide our clients with the most targeted, cost effective marketing solutions while delivering the highest levels of customer service, counsel, experience and technologies available anywhere.



To be the leading provider of integrated Marketing solutions through thought leadership, enabling technologies and the development of advanced products and services.



We value integrity, personal excellence, and self-improvement. We value fresh ideas and innovations that achieve quality, results and success for our clients.